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Highlands Ranch - Restaurant Review

Enclosed you will find our review of a local brekafast and lunch restaurant in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Review of "The Egg & I" Restaurant Back to top

The newly build Highlands Ranch town center is located between Lucent Blvd. and Broadway when driving east or west on Highlands Ranch Parkway. The town center is home to some new restaurants - including "The Egg & I" - a great place for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is open since May 2005.

Service: Overall - the service has been excellent during our intial visit. Due to being new to Highlands Ranch the restaurant sees quite a few crowded days. Still - the owner and waiters seemed to be well prepared and the service has been excellent.

The Egg & I Restaurant

The Food: The quality of the food is outstanding. The kitchen really delivers excellent meals in a very short time. Forget greasy food like you see it Denny's or iHop. This restaurant prepares the same kind of food in higher quality.

Pricing: Prices are pretty much average for the location. If you are looking for a cheap breakfast - go to McDonalds. Still - the prices are affordable and well worth considering the amount of food delivered (high quality food).

We are very pleased with the "The Egg & I" restaurant. This is a great addition to Highlands Ranch and we will be seen there again.

Points: 9 out of 10


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