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Highlands Ranch - Restaurant Review

Enclosed you will find our review of a local Mexican restaurant in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Review of "Qdoba Mexican Grill" Restaurant Back to top

The newly build Highlands Ranch town center is located between Lucent Blvd. and Broadway when driving east or west on Highlands Ranch Parkway. The town center is home to some new restaurants - including "Qdoba Mexican Grill " - a great place for Burritos and Nachos.

Service: We have been pleased with the service at this location of Qdoba's. They have restaurants all over town run by independend franchisees. None of the restaurants visited so far has been disappointing. The order process is quick and streamlined. Staff has been friendly and professional.

The Food: The quality of the food is good. The food looks fresh prepared and the taste meets or exceeds Qdoba's standards in our opinion. You know what to expect when going to Qdoba's and the 'experienced' Burrito eater can tell the difference. No problems here. Qdoba's Mexican Grill combines fresh ingredients with an innovative combination of sauces, salsas and marinades to create nontraditional, fast-casual Mexican fare. Qdoba's menu centers around large signature burritos that offer unique flavors, including poblano pest, fajita ranchera and chicken molé.

Pricing: Prices are reasonable and fair. The amount of food is plenty and value is delivered instantly. Most burritos are in the $6 range.

We are very pleased with now having a Qdoba's in our 'backyard'. A 7 minute drive from our home makes this a perfect location to serve our taste for Mexican food. This is a great addition to Highlands Ranch and we will be seen there again.

Points: 7 out of 10


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