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Highlands Ranch - Metro District

Living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado will involve hearing about and dealing with the Metro District.

What is the "Metro Districts"? Back to top

The "Metro Districts of Highlands Ranch" is the local government in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The Metro District is located at:

Metro Districts
62 West Plaza Drive

What does Metro Districts means? "Metro" means local government. The "Metro Districts" represents the five geographic districts within Highlands Ranch.

What does the Metro District do? The Metro Districts' provides high quality municipal services in the most cost-efficient manner. The Metro district is professionally managed and financially sound. As the local government of our community's five geographic districts, the Metro Districts oversees:
• Roads & roadway landscaping
• Traffic signals/streetlights
• Water & wastewater
• Parks, open space & trails
• Outdoor recreation
• Sports programs
• Emergency services
• Fire protection services


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