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Highlands Ranch - Restaurant Review

Enclosed you will find our review of a local fast food restaurant in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Review of "McDonald's" Fast Food Restaurant Back to top

Almost every American has at least once eaten at McDonald's - the famous burger chain. McDonald's started out in San Bernadino, California and grew as a chain of franchises across the world. Thousands of restaurants are waiting for your visit in the US. And of course there is at least one in Highlands Ranch. This quick review is about the McDonalds Restaurant in the shopping area at Broadway and Highlands Ranch Parkway.

Service: Service is fast at most times. The restaurant can have long lines in the drive-thru as well as inside due to the attached PlayPlace for kids. We have seen problems in regards to communication. Language barriers can exist quite often and you will see some of these results when checking the food you ordered. But - the language barriers are not tied to a certain nationality of the staff. We wish there would be a little more done in regards to training staff to take the time to understand the order or question it if they do not understand everything through the drive-thru order system. As an example - we had ordered a Sprite as a drink for a meal and received a diet coke. Even our receipt showed diet coke for the order.

The Food: The quality of the food is average. Lately (summer 2005) we have seen a slow decrease in the quality of the food provided. Food was almost cold when we opened the bag (drive-thru order - opened 5 minutes after we had received the food). The famous Big Mac often looked like a big mess when opening the box (local order and drive-thru order). If you wanted to compare it to a picture of a Big Mac you would have never recognized this food as a Big Mac. Of course not every order has been this way, but from a fast food restaurant operating at certain standards for how to prepare a meal this is kind of disappointing to see such up and downs in the quality of the food delivered.

Pricing: Prices are standard. Due to the location prices may be a tick higher (cents) compared to restaurants outside of Highlands Ranch.

Overall - this specific McDonalds Restaurant is just average. If you are in need of a quick meal and do not expect the best food but acceptable quality, this can be the right place. If you are having cravings for the occasional fast food burger - this is the wrong place.

Points: 4 out of 10



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