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The Highlands Ranch Mansion

One of the most architecturally unique structures in Colorado, is the Highlands Ranch Mansion. The Mansion offers over 22,000 square feet and lists 14 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, a great room, a ballroom, a dining room, a library, a billiard room, a butler’s pantry and kitchen, and a private courtyard.

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Highlands Ranch Mansion

The Mansion was build by John W. Springer, a wealthy man with ties to politics, banking, and law. He actually build the Mansion to only about 60% of what is recognized as the Mansion today.

In 1926, Frank E. Kistler purchased the Mansion and the land surrounding it. He and his family did some expensive renovations and also added additional rooms to the Mansion. During the great depression he had to sell the Mansion due to financial problems.

Lawrence Phipps, Jr., one of the sons of a former Colorado Senator, bought the property to do cattle ranching. He changed the name of the property used at that time and changed it to Highland Ranch.

A man by name of Marvin Davis purchased the land and the Mansion in 1976 shortly after Phipps death. Mr. Davis then founded the "Highlands Ventures Corporation" to market the property. In 1978, Mission Viejo Corporation agreed to a two-year option agreement to finally become the official owners of the Highlands Ranch lands in 1979.

Mission Viejo Co. then began the planning for residential construction. Construction started in1980 and the first residents, the Phil Scott family, moved into their home in Highlands Ranch in September 1981.

Highlands Ranch Mansion Picture Gallery


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