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Highlands Ranch - Restaurant Review

Enclosed you will find our review of a local mexican restaurant near Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Review of "Hacienda Colorado" Restaurant Back to top
Hacienda Colorado is a Mexican Restaurant located just a few miles east of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Build in Mexican Style this Mexican Restaurant is a great choice when dining out.
Service: The service has been excellent so far. We have visited the restaurant several times in the last few years and never had a reason to complain. Expect to wait for a table if you during 'rush hour' and do not have a reservation. Once being seated chips and salsa arrive soon. Waiting for your order of food is average and gives you enough time to relax and to enjoy the evening (or lunch for that matter). Refills are handed out quickly.
The FoodThe food is of top quality. Somebody knows that good food and a good chef are part of every successful restaurant. The kitchen really delivers excellent meals in a very short time. Meat and fish we had so far were of top quality. We love the Fajitas (have to admit - some tables are too small if 2 people eat Fajitas at the same time) and the Burritos. Custom orders are always possible.
Pricing: Prices are affordable. A normal dinner for 4 can go for less than $60.00 (you still need to tip though). We consider these prices reasonable for this area and for the quality of food delivered.
This restaurant is a great choice when going for Mexican Food. The location is not perfect. Getting into the area can sometimes be affected by overall traffic and the traffic lights in the area are not really favorable. Leaving the area is much easier and faster.

Points: 9 out of 10


10500 Bierstadt Way
Englewood, CO 80111
Phone: 303-858-8588

This article has been written on 7-23-2005.

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