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Highlands Ranch - Colorado Resources

Highlands Ranch and Colorado have a lot to offer. There is a little more than just skiing and hiking. Please take a look at our literature recommendations. We are sure that you will be surprised by the variety that Colorado has to offer.

Colorado, 1870-2000 Back to top

Colorado, 1870-2000

Book Description
The images of early west photographer William Henry Jackson capture a Colorado landscape both pristine and already dramatically affected by the onslaught on western civilization. Standing exactly where Jackson stood, and pointing his own camera in precisely the same direction, John Fielder has rephotographed Jackson's Colorado images to capture the often startling change that has occurred over the last century. The result is both breathtaking and stark, hopeful and disquieting. Jackson's and Fielder's photography is accompanied by thoughtful and provocative essays by respected experts in the environmental field: Roderick Nash, America's foremost wilderness historian and author of Wilderness and the American Mind; Ed Marston, journalist and publisher of High Country News; and Eric Paddock, Curator of Photography at the Colorado Historical Society. John Fielder describes the profound experience of traveling the state and seeing the landscape from Jackson's perspective, and reflects upon changes of the last 130 years.

The contrast between Jackson's and Fielder's photographs not only illuminates Colorado's past but will help us determine the course of land management as we move into the next century. Accompanied by an educational program that includes lectures, a traveling exhibit, newspaper serialization, and television series, this book is aimed at encouraging people to appreciate and reflect on nature, history, and photography as we move into the next century. Colorado: 1870-2000 stands not only as an important document of westward exploration, expansion, and urbanization, but helps define our past and future environmental values.

Our rating: 9 out 10

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Colorado, Yesterday & Today Back to top

Colorado, Yesterday & Today

Book Description
A book that has been 130 years in the making, Colorado: Yesterday & Today brings together the photos of the great 19th century photographer Joseph Collier with retakes by his great-great-grandson, Grant Collier. Grant follows in the footsteps of his ancestor, photographing the mountain vistas and mining towns, chronicling the growth of the state. Includes historical text on five regions of the state.

Our rating: 10 out 10

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The Colorado Guide Back to top

The Colorado Guide (5th Edition) (Paperback)

Book Description
This is the single most reliable resource for discovering and rediscovering Colorado's best-kept secrets and more famous landmarks. From Front Range cities and small mountain towns to national parks and monuments and remote wilderness areas, The Colorado Guide continues to outmatch the competition with its personable, insider's perspective and all-encompassing scope. The new edition is now in full color with new maps and photographs, as well as completely revised and updated content.

Our rating: 8 out 10

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